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I think the best assesment of the scene I ever saw was in heydon’tjudgeme's recap:

'I imagine Pentecost is at the same emotional level as watching your kid’s first football game and getting interrupted because your dumb nephew blew up the concession stand.'

That comment is golden.

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jaimeswhitecloak asked: house lannister or house martell

They grow quickly now, and when they are grown I shall have my wings. Mounted on a dragon, she could lead her own men into battle, as she had in Astapor, but as yet they are still too small to bear her weight.


daenerys targaryen is everything i aspire to be in life

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wibbly wobbly challenge →  favorite two characters (not doctors or companions) in six gifs each [2/2]





Plot twist: The next companion is a normal girl/boy who only dies once in their lifetime and has no remarkable back story but he thinks they’re wonderful because they are human and the Doctor needs reminding that you don’t need to be a mystery to be remarkable. 

#and the doctor never has to kiss them or sexualize them at all #in fact they are not even attracted to the doctor

so basically we want Donna back


I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I only know what I can do.